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Hi everyone - I know I haven't posted for a bit but I need recs for a good camera to take to ComicCon. My budget is under $200. I mainly want one that shoots quickly and has a decent zoom. So any thoughts? Hope everyone is well :)

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My mom is funny

Ok we were watching Criminal Minds tonight and as Morgan appeared in a towel I said he should be required to look like that every other episode. My mom said that she finds him to be the hottest man on the planet. I remarked that he fits the category of making my ovary explode and she replied "I had a hysterectomy and he could make mine grow back." Ok, I just about spit ovaltine across the room and she just looked at me and said "What it's true?!?"
So I know that I'll just get nuttier and that's just fine by me :)


2 new fandoms Suits and Being Human

I have been obsessed lately with Suits, so so pretty and quick dialogue all in all I am getting my snark fix with that show. Yesterday, I marathoned Being Human(US version) sexy, funny and good characters. Surprisingly, they have one thing in common(besides hot people on both) and for me that is incredible music. So anyone have any ideas where I can track playlists for both shows down? I've had better luck with the Being Human music, but still nothing really comprehensive. I cannot access the syfy page for some reason, so if it's there, I'll try to check on another computer. I would love to find any of the music from Suits so I'll take whatever you tell me :) Also, any interesting fandom site recs I'll be happy to take as well. Thanks!

Happy Holidays!

I just want to wish everyone Happy Holidays - whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, the Winter Solstice or just the coming of the new year. All of you brighten my day with your posts and even though I don't comment or post as much as I should, I really enjoy reading your journals. So, I wish all of you peace, joy, happiness and whatever else you desire :)


Belated b-day wishes

Happy Belated Birthday to the following people that whenever I see a new post by them it brings a smile to my face! keiramarcos,
rasah, ramdomposting, debris_k, guinny_hamilton,the_cephalopod, oran

Sorry I am so late, things have been hectic but in a good way for the most part but I did want to post.

dating sucks

OK, I was a sucker and joined chemistry.com again met someone who I thought we really clicked and at the end of date three(which included a 3.5 hr dinner) said "I like you and would like to see you again" he freaked, said that he moves slow, doesn't want to lead me on, but it takes him awhile to figure out things, appreciated that I was blunt and that he does like me but needs to figure things out, texted me when I got home, yet I haven't heard from him since. Was I out of line? I mean I didn't say I wanted to move in together just that I would like to see him again. Sorry for the run-on sentence from hell. I hate dating, in fact I actively avoid it for long stretches of time, but felt that it was time. So, since I haven't heard from him should I just forget him or email him next week and just say hi? If he doesn't respond then, move on? I should explain that my usual dating style is to either work with them or meet through friends and just drift into a relationship.

My best guy friend says that he is interested, but since he is slow is just confused, another male friend said that he wanted to make himself like me but just couldn't. Thoughts?



Food poisoning is evil.

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I moved :)

Which is good, I think I will start seeing a real change in my finances by March which is good. I love the location, but the apartment has some odd quirks, i.e. the wall between the bathroom and kitchen isn't solid and you can hear EVERYTHING, which is not so good. Also we have the gate buzzer running out of our apartment and due to that we have no outlets on one wall. Not to mention we are paying for that and that was not disclosed.

Combining 4 cats has been interesting to say the least. My girl has been Queen Bitchybutt and seems to be ruling everyone and eating all the food which I am trying to curtail, but so far no luck. Only 2 real smack-downs, but plenty of hissing. But, it's not even a month yet so I think things will mellow a bit eventually.

Moving sucked. It rained. I was soaked for 2 days and got rid of way more stuff than I planned not to mention didn't clean my old place as well as I wanted. But a neighbor said that I would be contributing to rebuilding the economy because if they needed to hire someone then someone would be getting paid. I do feel bad about not leaving my old place in pristine condition, however got a throat/ear infection that started Jan 4th and is just now getting better thanks to a second urgent care visit where the doctor was appalled that the first doctor I saw at urgent care on Jan 7 didn't give me antibiotics. All she told me to do was the saline nasal rinse 3x a day. Umm..my nose would be inflamed and how does that help my ears?

I hope everyone had a good new years and is well.


Moving sucks

I officially move tomorrow and well as I am posting instead of finishing you can tell how thrilled I am about this. Oh well, I am just reminding myself that I will be saving money and getting out of debt. I'm at the point where throwing things away is the order of the day. I wish everyone a Happy New Year and may we all get at least one thing we truly desire. Now to finish the bedroom while drooling at H50 :)


IT at work = FAIL

In trying to fill out an online form for work I was told that I needed a password for a different domain. When I questioned that I was told everything would be fine. Now I cannot access my proper domain, have no email cannot even log on to what started this mess in the first place and now am being questioned as too why I requested a password for a domain that I don't use. FML pretty much sums up my day.

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